Conference Hotel: Hampton Inn Tropicana,
4975 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas,
NV 89118, United States


About Venue

Las Vegas, located in southern Nevada near the Colorado River, is the largest city in the state. Though not known for its culture, Las Vegas is home to the Las Vegas Art Museum, a branch of the Guggenheim Museum and large collections of Picassos and other top artists on display in hotel lobbies. More in keeping with the city's lowbrow reputation are the Elvis-a-Rama Museum, the Guinness World of Records Museum and the Liberace Museum. Musical entertainment is available nightly up and down the strip, and not just cheesy hotel-run extravaganzas. The biggest acts in rock and pop music make Las Vegas an important stop on their tours.

With legal sports gambling in Las Vegas, there are no pro teams in the area, but there are still many spectator sports attractions. The Las Vegas 51s, a triple-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers, play minor league baseball north of the city at 9,000-seat Cashman Field. Though the high temperatures and the high stakes temptations of the casinos keep many indoors year 'round, there's a lot to do outside in Las Vegas. Red Rock Canyon, just 105 miles west of the city, allows hiking, bicycling, camping, rock climbing in its nearly 200,000 acres of impressive scenery. Lake Mead National Recreation Area to the east provides recreation of all kinds, with trails for hiking and huge lakes for swimming, boating, and fishing.

Las Vegas is famous for its world-class nightlife, with some of the finest restaurants in the country, musical productions at every turn, a myriad of family-based and (ahem) adult-themed entertainment options, and (of course) gambling.

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