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Title: Subatmospheric Pressure Wound Therapy (SAWT) in the Management of Wounds with Small Bowel Fistulae in Neonates and Infants. Preparing the Patient for Successful Wound Closure

Mieczyslawa Franczyk
Program Coordinator, Therapy Services Research, The University of Chicago Medicine, United States
Nurse Education

Title: Maternal Characteristics and Gestational Weight Gain Patterns

Hope R. Farquharson
Assistant Professor and Interim Assistant Chair/Director of the undergraduate and graduate nursing programs, National University, United States
Midwifery Nursing & Women's Health

Title: Addressing Nicotine Dependence as a Chronic Disease in an Era of Opioid Epidemic

Larider Ruffin
Assistant Professor of Nursing, Stockton University, United States
Nurse Education

Title: Embedding Veteran Centered Competencies in Nursing Curricula

Elaine Darst
Clinical Associate Professor,University of Minnesota, United States
Nursing Practice

Title: Evaluation of student learning activities is part of the fabric of higher education.

Kathleen Polley-Payne
Dean of Nursing-Boston & Associate Professor, MCPHS University, United States
Nurse Education

Title: Development of a two-step standardized patient in a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program

Carol Dean Baker
Associate Professor, Georgia College, United States
Nurse Education

Title: “Can I Please See the Doctor? The Role of Advanced Practice Nursing in Global Primary Care, Lessons from the United States”

Jacqueline Newsome-Williams
Director of Health and Wellness,Trinity Washington University, United States
Nursing Practice

Title: “Defining the Role of Nurse Practitioner: Models and Scope of Practice in the Global Setting”

Kimberly Battle
CVS Health/Minute Clinic, USA
Nursing Practice

Title: Development of a two-step standardized patient in a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program

Maria Culpa-Bondal
Associate Professor, Georgia College, USA
Nurse Education

Title: Towards an evidence-based approach for positioning patients: Results of three studies comparing positioning in neutral with conventional positioning

Heidrun Pickenbrock
Head of Motor Skills, St. Mauritius therapy clinic, Germany
Nursing Practice

Title: Social Work in the Emergency Department-Implementation of a Domestic and Family Violence Screening Program

Debbie McCarthy 
Team Coordinator, Emergency Department Social Work Service, Flinders Medical Centre, Australia
Nursing Management

Title: Disparities in Arkansas Mandated Immunization Coverage Among Natural Home and Foster-Care Adolescents

Jerome Ngundue
Public Health Preparedness Planner, University of Arkansas Medical Sciences, United States
Nurse Education

Title: The Effect of Using the FICA Spiritual History Tool with Beginning BSN Nursing Students

Margaret G. Williams
Professor, Simmons College, United States
Nurse Education

Title: Using simulation and inter-professional education to teach infection control during resuscitation

Wei Qin Teo
Division of nursing, Singapore General Hospital , Singapore
Nurse Education

Title: Baby Think It Over program in 8th grade health classes

Virginia Carreira
Nurse Practitioner, Long Branch School, United States
Midwifery Nursing & Women's Health

Title: An Empirical Case study exploring Mentoring: A synomous relationship with Dental Care Practice

Michael Snowden
Senior Lecturer, University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom
Types of Nursing

Title: Use of ICT as a Didactic Resource in the University Teaching of the Spanish system

Ana Belén Sánchez-García
Associate Professor, University Hospital Reina Sofia of Murcia, Spain
Nurse Education

Title: Iranian brief pain inventory: Validation and application in elderly people with cancer pain

Mahtab Alizadeh-Khoei
Associate Professor, Tehran University of medical and health sciences, Iran
Cancer Nursing

Title: Level of Health Literacy of chronic users of a Northern region of Portugal

Isabel Maria Batista de Araújo
Professor, CESPU- Instituto Politécnico de Saúde do Norte, Portugal
Nurse Education

Title: Prospective Randomized Study of Territorial Aligning Influence on Neurosurgical Patients Care Quality

Biljana Kurtovic
Research fellow in NeuroSpine Centre, Croatia
Nursing Research

Title: Impact of Technology Development Systems on Nursing Practice: Nurses perspectives

Cecilija Rotim
Chief Sister of the Institute, Glavna sestra Nastavnog zavoda za javno zdravstvo , Croatia
Nursing Management

Title: Development of Clinical Instructors Through Intensive Education Program

Alla Omar BaMohammed
Director of Nursing Education, King Abdulaziz University Hospital, Saudi Arabia
Nurse Education

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